Our story


Jabadabado was born out of unemployment. Due to the 90s`financial crisis in Sweden Eva Eliasson lost her job as interior designer. While searching for new jobs, she started to design and make her own wooden toys just for fun. One of her very first creations was a rocking horse for her best friend’s babyshower. Her creations soon became attractive amongst friends, family, and acquaintances who all praised her work. An idea took place, maybe she could start a business out of passion?

Together with her husband Calle, who shareds her passion for toys as well as design, the hobby soon became a small business. Calle had always dreamt of having his own toy store and together they decided to make their dreams come true.

All products were initially designed and hand made by Calle and Eva. Today JaBaDaBaDos` products are manufactured together by 20 different suppliers around China. Most of them have been suppliers since the establishment of the JaBaDaBaDo brand.

 To me the expression "Jabadabado" represents happiness. With our products, we want to share love and happiness among children and therefore I felt an expression for happiness is just the right name for our business”. Eva Eliasson


Since then, we have successfully combined our passion for playful design with high quality and the assortment now comprises a wide selection of toys nursery decorations and party supplies.

Despite our growth, our playfulness and informal way of expressing ourselves stay the same. Our design philosophy continues to be based on our core concept; good function, exciting shapes, innovative patterns and gorgeous colors that bring happiness.