Magnet plate ABC

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Learn the alphabet and numbers in a fun way with our magnetic alphabet plate. Learn how to spell and make your own messages. The magnet plate have three different positions so you can choose where you want the plate to stand, with letters in front.

  • A fun and pedagogical toy
  • Let’s children learn the alphabet and how to spell in a fun way
  • Lets the children learn numbers and how to calculate in a fun way
  • Extra letters and numbers so you can write anything you like

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The magnetic alphabet includes the whole alphabet, including Scandinavian and German letters. There is also 3 pieces of each of the most common letters and 2 pcs of all the other letters. The set also includes 2 pcs of each number. 


Package :30 x 4 x 24 cm
Product size:30 x 23 x 4 cm